Friday, November 27, 2015
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Welcome to the Franciscan Missionary Union

The Franciscan Missionary Union of Holy Name Province was founded in the 1920’s to help support and promote the missionary activity of the friars.  Over the course of time it has taken on many projects to assist in the promotion of the mission of evangelization of the Province.  It is an integral part of the Office of Development and the Evangelization Ministry of the Province.  The Franciscan Missionary Union has enabled our friar missionaries and the religious and lay missionaries that have joined them to bring the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to people all over the world and in special areas of our own country.

Beginning with China and the rural South, the Province has provided missionaries to many diverse places: Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Peru, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Sweden, Africa, Easter Island, and most recently, Vietnam and inner city Camden, N.J.  In addition, we provide assistance to the Church in China and friars who minister in Thailand and North Korea.

Proclamation of the Good News is our foremost mission, but it is a mission that is both of Word and deed.  All kinds of human development programs are part of the missionary work.  Schools help people to know the Divine Teacher: economical programs (food centers, job training, public works projects) bring the hand of the Lord to those in distress, environmental work (farming, soil renewal, conservation, water projects) continue God’s creative activity, medical centers and hospice care continue the Divine Physician’s healing and watchful care.   Our missionaries are always looking for new ways to allow the Lord to continue to build up his reign

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